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Common Car Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

A safe and properly functioning vehicle requires a certain degree of maintenance. Without the right attention and care, your car may not perform as efficiently as possible. An ill-maintained car can also lead to accidents on the road, which can put you and other drivers in danger and result in expensive repairs. Here are a few of the most common car maintenance mistakes to avoid to ensure that your car drives as smoothly and safely as possible.

Ignoring Tire Pressure

Many drivers ignore the waning signs of deflating tires, such as lack of brake responsiveness. Tire pressure isn’t only important to prevent surprise flats—it is also necessary to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy. Under-inflated tires require more energy to keep moving, causing your car to use more gas than it would if your tires were pumped up properly. Have your tires inspected and re-inflated routinely, especially during the winter when they undergo more wear-and-tear.

Not Inspecting Brakes and Replacing Them When Needed

Changing your brake pad can be expensive and you may be tempted to leave old brake pads even when they’re well past their prime. Neglecting to change your brakes pads when they’ve worn out can cause damage to your brake rotators. These issues can severely compromise your safety on the road. If you hear any squeaking noise from your brakes or notice any delay in their responsiveness, have them inspected and replaced by a professional as soon as possible.

A vehicle, just like any major investment, requires proper care and attention. Not only will a well-maintained car keep you safer on the road—it will also perform better and more efficiently. At Barrhead Auto Parts, we offer the highest quality refurbished car parts. You can trust our team of auto mechanic experts to provide you with a well-built auto part for your car at a reasonable price. For more information about car maintenance and to order a recycled car part for your vehicle, contact us today at Barrhead Auto Parts.